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America from West Side Story

America from West Side Story


An arrangement of the iconic song America from West Side Story. This version is for Symphony Orchestra, Big Band and vocals including Anita, Rosalisa and 3 female chorus parts. 


One Day More


1 x Piccolo

2 x Flute

2 x Oboe

2 x Clarinet in Bb

2 x Bassoons

2 x Alto Saxophone

2 x Tenor Saxophone

1 x Baritone Saxophone


4 x French Horns

4 x Trumpets in Bb

3 x Trombones

1 x Bass Trombone

1 x Tuba

5 x soloists

1 x Timpani

1 x Percussion

1 x Drum Kit

1 x Bass Guitar

1 x Piano

1 x Keyboard - Celesta/Marimba


Violin 1

Violin 2



Double Bass

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