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The Noir Drama Toolbox, Vol. 1

If you are looking for music to accompany your dramatic film piece, look no further. This album contains underscore, themes and motifs ideal for any dark drama sequence, including psychological thriller, police drama, nordic noir, etc.

New Album - Shades of Chill

This new album is available through AKM Music, one of the leading music production libraries. 

Ten pieces of dark and light chilled tracks.

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As Autumn draws in

As we approach Autumn, these three pieces reflect on this year so far. This year has been like no other; it will be taught to our grandchildren as one of the most important years of the century.

This year has been, at its worst, dark, frightening, filled with insanity and lack of compassion; a lot of us had reason to mourn. Yet, there were glimpses of unity, charity, fortitude, empathy and an abundance of human kindness.


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